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Enterprise Solutions
E- Database Technology
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Enterprise Solutions

In this world of rapidly evolving structures in business it is imperative that entrepreneurs streamline their enterprises to enhance productivity as well as increase maximum utilization of resources. Enterprise Solutions is all about strengthening the business processes of the company in conjunction with its natural environment to yield a beyond par performance using customized software solutions.

E-Database Technology specializes in providing an array of services designed to assist you. We use the best strategic approach to deliver the most appropriate enterprise solutions for your business.

We realize that the key to a successful business is accurate identification of the life cycle and development of a solution that caters to its specific needs. At E-Database Technology, we develop and integrate bespoke enterprise software solutions to enable information flow critical to the distributed enterprise. With our bespoke enterprise services we enable you to use already existing infrastructure which facilitates you to integrate the information sources better thereby accessing the critical data easily.


We define, analyze and prioritize the problem faced by you in your daily business operations. We then, combine our industry knowledge & technical and software expertise to offer you a total enterprise solutions that fulfill your business demands.

The benefits of Enterprise Solutions that we provide are:

  • Strengthens and seamlessly extends your current business reach and strategy, while enhancing your competitive advantage.
  • Reduces costs by streamlining every process using the web.
  • Makes information transparent.
  • Integrates your front-end and back-end processes.
  • Increases employee productivity and collaboration by giving you the resources to take better decisions and easily access information.
  • Reinforces your relationships and communication with the customers, vendors and suppliers.
  • Retains and expands your valuable customer database.

Various enterprise solutions that we provide are :

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • SCM
  • EAI
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