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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is managing the flow of goods, services and information between suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, stores, consumers and end users.

SCM aims at integrating the company's internal systems to those of its suppliers, partners and customers. Technologies such as the Internet, electronic data interchange, transportation and warehouse management software, including software that manages plant scheduling, demand forecasting, procurement, make SCM a versatile strategy to adopt.

Supply Chain Management solution by E-Database Technology, not only simplify the buy-sell process but also eliminate the extra supply chains. It reduces the operational costs and increases competitive performance through seamless collaboration with business partners.

E-Database Technology delivers value through a systematic approach that spans:

SCM Planning:
This includes implementation of demand management solution; supply chain master planning, and demand fulfillment.

SCM Execution
This includes web enabling and integrating warehouse management solutions; transportation planning and scheduling solutions and integration of supply chain planning solution.

SCM Consulting:
We assist you in assessing the potential for business performance improvement; mapping supply chain excellence and defining performance measurement metrics.

SCM Implementation:
We help you in business process definition and integration of SCM solution with various surrounding systems.

SCM Development
We develop a web portal for you to interact with your customers and business partners; integration of existing web portals to process solutions and enhancement & up-gradation of the existing SM solution.

Benefits of our SCM services:

  • Integrated systems offering better visibility of the supply chain pipeline.
  • Seamless integration of procurement and delivery processes.
  • Better assessment of demand.
  • Accelerated logistics and and reduced cycle times.

E-Database's SCM solution - getting optimum value for automating your supply chain.


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