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Customer Service
E-Database Technology is a service company, first and foremost, and we'll provide you with 24/7 round the clock, support every day of the year. When you call, we answer. We invest in the hardware, software, and network infrastructure while you focus on gaining and maintaining your customers. E-Database Technology server plans come in three groups: Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Each plan includes dozens of free features giving you the flexibility to decide on the package that is right for your business and your budget. E-Database Technology has achieved a six year record of sustained growth and profitability and has been recognized by many magazines and journals world wide.

Best Value & Cost Savings
E-Database Technology offers a series of hosting options that are suitable for any budget. We offer the best value in the industry. Edatabase offers more features at lower prices than any other hosting company in the industry which leaves you plenty of room for profit. On our pricing page, you'll find a lengthy list of features to include marketing tools, ecommerce bundles and web site management tools that are provided to you FREE! Compare E-Database's standard services with those of any other hosting company and we are confident that you will select us as your partner.

Administration Made Simple

E-Database Technology's Web Management Tool s provide total administrative control over virtual or dedicated servers. It means website and server administration from a single, secure console. This unprecedented console empowers non-technical administrators to perform changes, across a limitless number of hosting plans and services with the skill of seasoned IT professionals. With the Control Panel, you can set up unlimited email addresses and aliases, manage your site's entire directory structure, and have the same control that is usually available only through a dedicated machine. Of course, when your budget, business needs, and disk space demands require,
E-Database Technology can seamlessly upgrade you to the next level plan.

Best Reseller Platform

We offer the most powerful, manageable and profitable Reseller program on the Web. We continuously develop and launch new cutting-edge and profit generating technologies for our partners. Our business model revolves around creating revenue-producing opportunities for our Resellers all in a private label fashion with your brand. our reseller plans are purposely tiered so that you can comfortably upgrade as your business grows. We are confident you will find that E-Database Technology is the best choice in terms of performance, service, value and reliability. Reseller plans start at just $49.95 per month; that's all it takes to become a full-service ISP, offering hosting, domain name registration, and Internet access.

Wholesale Hosting Solutions

Service Providers will find that E-Database Technology is the perfect partner for turnkey, wholesale hosting. Service Providers who deliver web-based services to the SME (Small Medium Enterprises) market require the ability to provision, host, bundle, bill and manage large numbers of clients with varying needs in a cost effective manner. Our clients include ISPs to small businesses. We help all of our partners minimize costs and rapidly provision and deliver high quality, custom, hosted solutions. With hundreds of thousands of clients, E-Database Technology has the experience to be the provider's provider. We can customize any solution for you and that includes designing your platform, network and even providing private label support for your customers around the clock.

Industrial Strength Infrastructure

Your web presence is critical to your success. Our data centers are multi-homed using multiple backbone providers to guarantee performance, redundancy and uptime. Our carriers include BellNexia, Time Warner, Sprint, UUNET and Qwest.

  • Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity & Multiple OC-3 backbones
  • Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
  • Cisco 7000 series routers & switches
  • Fully meshed and redundant network
  • Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers with NAS
  • Redundant back up with snap restore
  • SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
  • AIT NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol
  • Liebert cooled and powered to guarantee maximum up time for your hosting needs
  • Dual power grids and multiple generator back up
  • Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect

E- Database Technology
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